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3D Printing on the Ultimaker2: Home

Cool 3D printing projects

Design your thing

Design your object in CAD (computer-aided design) software.

Prepare your file for printing

Before you are ready to print, see Ms. Clements about setting up your folder on the Makerspace desktop in the 3D printing folder.  (Create a folder with your name to store your design and printing files.)

  1. Design your thing in Tinkercad or 123D Design.
  2. Export your design as a .stl file.  (Use the same naming conventions spelled out in the Google form: [name of thing][first_name][last_name][color].)
  3. Save the .stl file in your 3D printing folder on the Makerspace desktop.
  4. Open CURA.
  5. Open your .stl file in CURA from your 3D printing folder.
  6. Check your settings, etc.
  7. Click "Save to file" and save this new file to your folder in 3D printing.  This new file will be named: UM2_filename.gcode.  This is the file the 3D printer will use to print.  (gcode includes the "instructions" for printing your design.)
  8. Insert SD card into the Makerspace desktop.
  9. Copy gcode file onto SD card.
  10. Eject the SD card.



  1. You may print objects you have designed yourself or files you have downloaded for a specific project (i.e. e-Nable prosthetic hands)
  2. You must be trained on using the 3D printer before using it on your own in the Makerspace.
  3. Your design must be submitted to Mr. Bell or Ms. Clements prior to printing using the Google Form located here: