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Using the Button Maker: Home

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Design your button

There are several ways to design your buttons, digitally with a computer or manually by drawing.  Be sure to use regular COPY WEIGHT PAPER, not cardstock or construction paper.  Printed scrapbook paper seems to work well as long as it is not cardstock.


You can draw directly onto regular weight copy paper to create a design.  It may be helpful to punch your paper first using the 2" paper punch included with the button making supplies, so you have an idea of how your drawing will fit on a button.  If you need to, you may resize your drawings on the photocopier.  Keep in mind that there will be a portion of your paper that will wrap around the button shell when you build your button.  Your edges could be clipped on the final button.  Below are some guidelines for fitting your design:


You can also make buttons with digital designs.  The same size guidelines apply.  First, create your image in any graphics editing software.  You may find images online, use digital photos, or create digital art.  Then you will want to print your images to size.  To help you with that, you can use Build-a-Button software or a WORD template (see below).

Build-a-Button software


Password: cougars

Choose button size 1.75"--When you're finished with your design, 

  • click Save and Print→Save to Print→select Punch Cutter/Circle Cutter→Default 12→OK

  • Save As PDF→OK

  • Name your file→SAVE

  • Download file

  • Open file from Downloads to print

To use circle cutter, cut your full sheet of designs into 3 strips to feed through the circle cutter.

Video tutorials for using Build-a-Button software are here.


If you would just like to use a WORD template to add images for buttons, you can click the link below.  You will need to save the file to your desktop as a "Binary" file.  When you open it, you can insert images and resize them to fit in the large boxes, which are 2" x 2".  Be aware that some of your image will wrap around your button base, so leave some room.  You can center your resized images by going to Picture Format --> Arrange --> Position and select how you want your image situated within the box.  You can then Copy and Paste your image to make a full sheet of buttons or add multiple images.  Before you print, select the entire table and Control+click to get a table menu.  Select Borders and shading and select "None" to remove the border lines.  Then PRINT and PUNCH.  (You will need to trim away the edges of your page before you punch.)

Make Your Button

Follow these simple steps to create a beautiful button!

  • Check out the video on the LEFT to see how to make a button
  • There are 4 parts to a button: the shell, your image, a mylar cover, and a pinback
  • Click below for detailed instructions on using the Button Maker.

Guidelines for Making Buttons

As a general rule, please limit your button-making to 4 buttons per visit to the makerspace.  If you have special circumstances and need to make more than 4 buttons, please just check in with the librarians first.


If you would like to make buttons to sell or in a large quantity, you can purchase your own button parts here.


Earn badges for using the Makerspace